Dr. Beiermeister was very thorough and wonderful explaining what I needed to know about my condition. I felt very confident with his knowledge and experience. He alleviated my concerns and worries. I’m very grateful for that!

– Elizabeth F.

Minor, outpatient procedure completed in 2 minutes and, as described, little discomfort. I am quite satisfied.

– Steve S.

Dr. Worsey is a real treasure for those who need to fix their health problems quickly. He and his team are very professional and trustworthy. Absolutely recommend his department. Dr.Worsey, thank you very much, your help is priceless. Best regards, EW

– Evgeniia W.

Top notch surgeon .. always keeping me updated . I thank him for taking such great care of me..

– Douglas R.

Dr. Beiermeister has a good bed-side manner. He listens and explains very well.

– Jennifer H.

Honestly the best Dr ever. I went to him after my OBGYN recommended him. He took care of my problem right away. I am in the recovery road right now and feeling way way better than how I felt 20 days ago. Very thankful for him.

– Areej A.

Dr B became my consult md while I was in the ER and the 2nd rectal doctor I went to for a second opinion on my issue. He thoroughly listened to everything I said WITHOUT interruption and offered final medical options prior to surgery. When surgery became the only final solution, he put up with all my annoying phone calls and questions and anxiety and assured me, as best he could, this would have to be the best next option. The procedure was performed and so far the healing process has been better than expected. His bedside manner is fantastic and I’m so happy I had him to help me get through this problem. Fingers crossed everything heals back to normal. With many thanks to him and all his staff.

– Igor K.

Procedure was explained and performed very professionally. I no longer have a problem.

– Ron V.

Outstanding Doctor. Very professional. Very knowledgeable, confident and personable. Only recommends what is actually needed. Doesn’t push surgery. Banded three grade 3 hemorrhoid bundles and removed a single anal polyp. I’m very satisfied with the results. Everything flows smoothly now. No pain.

– Steven S.

Dr. Worsey and his staff are very professional and communicated clearly about every step of the procedure.

– Janet N.

Dr Worsey is the best in the business. Period.

– Mike H.

What can I say other then Dr. Worsey and team made my life normal again. I have been blessed to have 3 of Scripps great docs in , Dr. PUND, Dr Frank Mayer and now Dr Worsey. Thank you Dr Worsey…..and I’d never confuse your Welsh accent for that other country.

– Kathleen M.

The finest most compassionate physician I have ever encountered. Great bedside manner and a true humanist.I feel most grateful for his care and skill. His staff is a reflection of this compassion. The nurses, as well as staff convey his passion and care. All an honor to Dr Dana Launer.

– Alexander M.

Doctor was very nice show empathy as well very knowledgeable he made me feel safe, and secure. The staff the was friendly and help to arrange my schedule appointment with the doctor right of way.

– Isabella C.

Immediate diagnosis, immediate remedy establishment, friendly and human approach of the physician and staff. Excellent result achieved with minimum time. Very vero happy with the results achieved. Can not find or think of any better doctor to recommend.

– John O.

Excellent service and very professional staff. I highly recommend Dr. Keith Beiermeister. Thanks for all you do to keep our community healthy.

– Katerina K.

Dr. Beiermeister is wonderful. Very attentive and kind. He is understanding. A genuine healer.

– Sally O.